Student Innovation

CMU I-Lab: Lab for Innovation

Established on the vocation of fostering creativity and innovation, CMU I-Lab provides entrepreneurship learning sessions and workshops to support our students’ vision for the next big thing. Along with keen training and mentorship from both academia and the industry, we aim to nurture resilient students with the ability to create, communicate and collaborate for social changes and industrial innovations. 

Since its establishment in 2020, CMU I-Lab has successfully hosted various entrepreneurship workshops and supported numerous student teams to chase their dream of making a difference in the society and their own career. In 2020, CMU I-Lab fostered 5 student start-up teams to participate in EC-SOS, an entrepreneurship learning platform hosted by Ministry of Education, and supported their learning in virtual business fundraising.

Besides learning and practicing in the classroom, CMU I-Lab also encourage our students to challenge themselves in entrepreneurship competitions and Hackathons. CMU I-Lab mentored 2 entrepreneurship teams to enter national competitions in 2020 and both teams earned Honorable Mention with their innovative ideas. In the same year, we also hosted a sustainable development Hackathon with Asia University and Feng Chia University. We provided workshops and keen mentorship for 6 student teams that took part in the competition.

CMU I-Lab Student Innovative Teams

Team CMU Green Turtle
2nd College Green Chemistry Creative Competition,
Executive Yuan
Team Kidney Victory
2020 National College Smart Innovation and Interdisciplinary Integration Competition
Team Sonia
AI Answers to Industrial Problem
Team Tagrisso
2021 Coding101

CMU I-Lab Core Member

CMU I-Lab’s Chief and Project Leader
Assistant Professor of
Department of Occupational Safety and Health
Min-Hao Yuan
CMU I-Lab’s Co-Chief and Co-Project Leader
Assistant Professor of
Biomaterials Translational Research Center
Cherng-Jyh Ke

Offices of Student Affairs Project Assistant
Ya-Ting Chiang
CMU I-Lab Research Assistant
Yu-Lung Huang

Student Volunteer

With a long tradition of service and the inculcation of the value of social participation, China Medical University student societies have launched numerous volunteer programs to boost public health and education for children in rural areas . Our student and teacher volunteers have set foot in many places around Taiwan supporting the people in need with their expertise and empathetic hearts.