USR Projects

China Medical University’s USR Office has collaborated with its 9 colleges and launched multiple projects to fulfill our social responsibility from 4 main aspects of Long-Term Care, Safe Guardianship, Regional Revitalization and Cultivating Learning and Community.

Long-Term Care

Within the aspect of Long-Term Care, we have developed a community-based long-term care service model incorporating Chinese and Western medicine and an innovative long term-care training program, aspiring to elevate community-based medical care and nurture long-term care specialists as a strong support for our aging society.

Virtual Student Hospital- Integrated Healthcare Learning Platform
East Meets West: Innovative Long-term Care Development
Living Classroom: Flipped Training Mode for Fostering Long-term Care Specialist of New Generation

Safe Guardianship

Within the aspect of Safe Guardianship, we have engaged in the issue of local occupational and environmental safety and health, food and drug safety, pandemic control and addiction prevention.

Occupational Safety and Health Service Project
Local Environment and Health Care Project
COVID 19 Pandemic Prevention Center of Central Taiwan
Western and Chinese Medicine, Health Supplement and Food Safety Information Platform
Addiction Prevention Center
Traditional Chinese Medicine Health
and Industry-Academia Think Tank
Food and Drug Safety Think Tank for Community

Regional Revitalization

Within the aspect of Regional Revitalization, we have embarked the journey around Taiwan to support local innovation in Chinese herbal medicine and the development of smart medical and occupational assistive devices.

Chinese Medicine Localization Project
AI Smart Medical Assistive Device Project
AI Smart Medical Assistive Device Project

Cultivating Learning and Community

Within the aspect of Cultivating Learning and Community, we have collaborated with first and secondary schools and nonprofit organizations in our neighborhood and rural area to promote the knowledge of nutrition and exercise to youngsters and seniors. Besides improving public wellbeing, our students and teachers also put efforts in local culture preservation to develop a deeper understanding of our community.

Junior High Sports Protection Support
Nutrition and Science Education Volunteer Project for Elementary Schools in Rural Area
Exercise Habit Promotion
Fulfillment of Social Responsibility: Career Navigation Support for High School Student
Community Medical Service in Taichung
Community Health Promotion
with Chinese Medicine Practice
Health Evaluation and Promotion among Senior Citizens
Fulfillment of Social Responsibility: Suinan Cultural Revitalization with Innovation
COVID 19 Observation: The Impact of the Facebook Fan Page of Health and Welfare Department
Beyond Disability: Physical Fitness Promotion for Disabled Community
Design Thinking in Promoting Wellbeing