About Us

University Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office of China Medical University is responsible for the research and administration of USR projects and courses. Our services and resources support teachers and students to gain extensive knowledge of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We provide our support in forms of:

Sustainable Development Micro-credit Courses 

In the purpose of raising students’ awareness towards the global trend of sustainable development, China Medical University has designed Sustainable Development Micro-credit Courses featuring diverse lectures and learning activities. In these courses, students will be able to obtain knowledge of SDGs and enhance their critical thinking and communication skills. We hope to inspire them to become a part of the sustainable change.

Sustainability Events

Featuring diverse activities and extensive topics, our Sustainability Events provide an interesting alternative for students to learn more about the global trend of sustainable development and responding actions taken around Taiwan. In the form of interactive talk sessions and recycling DIY workshops, we aim to inspire students to become active participants in the global movement of building a sustainable future.

Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable Development Week is China Medical University’s annual event for sustainability advocacy. During the event, we will present our latest research, social service projects and students’ innovation and hold speeches, Hackathon and environmental workshops. We aspire to spark new ideas among students and teachers and let the inspiration ripple for the next big thing.

Social Media:@cmuusrlife

USR office has set up an official Instagram account in 2021. Through breaking down SDGs-related issues around the world and sharing fun information about sustainable lifestyle via social media, we hope to foster the culture of active learning on campus and inspire young minds to create their own way of living sustainably.

Our Team

USR Project Convener
Dean of College of Health Care
Cheng-Chun Lee
Assistant Professor  of
General Education Center
Claudia Chin-Yun Hsu
Project Assistant Professor of
General Education Center
Yu-Tsang Lu
USR Research Assistant
Wei-Chiao Lai
USR Research Assistant
Yen-Ling Huang
USR Research Assistant
Kuan-Ling Liu

Contact Us

Address:No. 100, Sec. 1, Jingmao Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406040, Taiwan R.O.C.
Email: cmuusr@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Phone Number: +886-4-22967979 Ext: 1181-1183