Sustainable Initiative

Green Smart Campus 

As one of the permanent member schools of Green University Union of Taiwan, China Medical University has signed the Talloire Declaration in 2014 and committed to build a green smart campus with environmentally smart facilities, governance and education.

In 2020, we have built our Main Campus in Suinan, Taichung, following 18 main standards and and 31 vice indicators under the 3 aspects of Green University Evaluation. Through the construction of smart environmental management system, we aim to optimize our efficiency in energy usage and decrease the amount of waste on campus. Our green initiatives have not only brought convenience and security to our students and faculties but also earned us the top prize of Sustainable Development Award in Education from Executive Yuan in 2020. 

The Main Campus of China Medical University is the first construction to receive certification of Smart Building, Green Building and Low Carbon Building at the same time.

With the guidance of 2017 ESCO program of Bureau of Energy and Ministry of Education, China Medical University has improved its energy-saving rate to 61.4%, which is estimated to cut down 883.1 tons of CO2 emission per year at approximate.

The installation of solar panels on the rooftop is completed in the fall of 2020. It is estimated to generate 74Kwp of electrical power and will be a great support for the energy conservation on the Main Campus.

CMU green purchasing policy has led to over 5-million NTD budget spending on environmental and sustainable products, which has met the rewarding standards set by Taichung City Hall.

Following the tree planting scheme of Taichung City Hall, we aim to transplant 200 trees and plant 450 trees by 2022 and will be continuing our construction of cherry blossom and deciduous cypress forest around the Main Campus and the neighborhood.

In the purpose of eliminating carbon emission, China Medical University has installed 218 and 680 electric vehicle chargers for electric cars and electric scooters on the Main Campus and an electric vehicle charging station, which can charge 4 electric scooters, on Ying-Cai Campus.  

Campus Wellbeing and Safety 

Students and faculties’ wellbeing and safety has been viewed as the top priority in CMU governance.
We offer physical facilities and sports classes for our students and staff to stay healthy. Besides promoting regular exercise, CMU agrees to provide physical examinations for every staff member according to the Labor Safety and Health Act. CMU takes one step further to offer staff who have worked over one year to have annual physical examination. We provide advanced examinations once every two or three years for senior staff. Staffs over 55 years old are able to have an advanced physical examination every year.

CMU has launched thorough safety programs to monitor and control lab toxicants, radiation protection and biosafety. We host at least 2 lab safety training sessions and regular on-campus safety and sanitation inspections, which has 100% improvement rate, annually. Our toxic chemical control has met national standard CNS15030 and it is carefully managed with online system.

As for pandemic control, China Medical University has established CMU COVID19 Pandemic Prevention Team on January 22nd, 2020. Led by our president, Dr. Ming-Chi Hung, the team holds daily meetings to keep up with the latest CDC announcement and take proactive initiative to protect our students and faculties, such as performing regular sanitization on campus and setting up temperature monitoring systems at major entrances. 

Campus Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

CMU is determined to foster a friendly learning environment that allows every talent to thrive beyond any limitation caused by their gender, age and socioeconomic status. We have been persistent in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion through our governance and course design.

From the aspect of gender equality, CMU has hosted various gender equality learning sessions for both  the students and the faculties. We have listed Gender Equality Education (online course) as one of the compulsory courses for every student to build up  gender awareness. We also passionately advocate women’s participation in the field of STEM through our programming courses.   

In CMU, we believe that learning should never be limited by age. From teenagers to seniors, CMU encourages everyone in our community to participate in life-long learning. With our academic resources in Chinese medicine, we have held many learning camps for high school students over the years, providing them related knowledge and further inspiration in medical science. We have also established a Senior College under the Center of Continuing Education, encouraging seniors to learn more about personal health care and disease prevention from nursing practices with Chinese medical features. 

In order to support every dream and ambition on campus, CMU provides tutoring services and scholarship programs for the students in need. Besides supporting financially struggling students, we also care for the ones who are culturally disadvantaged. In 2017, CMU established Indigenous Student’s Resource Center to provide academic, financial, cultural and career support for aboriginal students. We successfully lowered the withdrawal rate and suspension rate of our aboriginal students in 2019. 

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